API RP 970

Corrosion Control Document Systems, Second Edition
standard by American Petroleum Institute, 04/01/2023

NACE 7L198

Design of Galvanic Anode Cathodic Protection Systems for Offshore Structures
Report / Survey by National Association of Corrosion Engineers, 07/01/1998

NACE TM0212-2012

Detection, Testing, and Evaluation of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion on Internal Surfaces of Pipelines
standard by National Association of Corrosion Engineers, 06/03/2012

BS 6100-2.2.2:1990

Glossary of building and civil engineering terms. Civil engineering. Substructures. Earthworks. Foundations. Tunnels-Substructures and foundations
standard by BSI Group, 12/31/1990

BS 8000-6:2023

Workmanship on construction sites-Slating and tiling of roofs and walls. Code of practice
standard by BSI Group, 03/31/2023

IEEE P802.1ASdr

IEEE Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks–Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications Amendment: Inclusive Terminology
Amendment by IEEE,

BS 8646:2023

Use of autonomous mobile machinery in agriculture and horticulture. Code of practice
standard by BSI Group, 06/21/2023

BS PD CEN ISO/TS 19807-2:2023

Nanotechnologies. Magnetic nanomaterials-Specification of characteristics and measurement methods for nanostructured magnetic beads for nucleic acid extraction
standard by BSI Group, 04/13/2023

IEC 61076-2-115 Ed. 1.0 b:2023

Connectors for electrical and electronic equipment – Product requirements – Part 2-115: Circular connectors – Detail specification for 12-pole shielded connectors with 2 A rated current and IP65/IP67 metal housing with push-pull locking
standard by International Electrotechnical Commission, 05/01/2023

NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 Addenda Package

Addenda to Petroleum and Natural Gas industries – Materials for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production – Part 2: Cracking-resistant carbon and low alloy steels, and the use of cast irons and Part 3: Cracking-resistant CRAs (corrosion-resistant alloys) and other alloys
Amendment by National Association of Corrosion Engineers, 06/14/2011