BS 3951-1-1.1:1989

Freight containers. General-Specification for Series 1 freight containers: Classification, dimensions and ratings
standard by BSI Group, 08/31/1989

IPC 9797A

Press-Fit Standard for Automotive Requirements and Other High-Reliability Applications
standard by Association Connecting Electronics Industries, 05/01/2023

BS PD IEC TR 63468:2023

Nuclear facilities. Instrumentation and control, and electrical power systems. Artificial Intelligence applications
standard by BSI Group, 06/20/2023

NACE RP0490-2001

Standard Recommended Practice – Holiday Detection of Fusion-Bonded Epoxy External Pipeline Coatings of 250 to 760 um (10 to 30 mils)
standard by National Association of Corrosion Engineers, 03/15/2001

AS/NZS IEC 60839.11.5:2023

Alarm and electronic security systems, Part 11.5: Electronic access control systems – Open supervised device protocol (OSDP)
standard by Standards Australia / Standards New Zealand, 03/24/2023

IEC 61158-5-2 Ed. 5.0 en:2023

Industrial communication networks – Fieldbus specifications – Part 5-2: Application layer service definition – Type 2 elements
standard by International Electrotechnical Commission, 03/01/2023

NACE RP0291-96

Standard Recommended Practice – Care, Handling, and Installation of Internally Plastic-Coated Oilfield Tubular Goods and Accessories
standard by National Association of Corrosion Engineers, 08/01/1991

NACE RP0189-95

Standard Recommended Practice – On-Line Monitoring of Cooling Waters
standard by National Association of Corrosion Engineers, 01/01/1995


Water Content Instrumentation for Icing Cloud Characterization
standard by SAE International, 05/22/2023

UL 749

Household Dishwashers
standard by Underwriters Laboratories, 05/25/2023