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IEC 61400-50 specifies methods and requirements for the application of instruments to measure wind speed (and related parameters, e.g. wind direction, turbulence intensity). Such measurements are required as an input to some of the evaluation and testing procedures for wind energy and wind turbine technology (e.g. resource evaluation and turbine performance testing) described by other standards in the IEC 61400 series. This document is applicable specifically to the use of wind measurement instruments mounted on meteorological masts, turbine nacelles or turbine spinners which measure the wind at the location at which the instruments are mounted. This document excludes remote sensing devices which measure the wind at some location distant from the location at which the instrument is mounted (e.g. vertical profile or forward facing lidars). This document specifies the following:
a) the classification parameters for cup and sonic anemometers such that the uncertainty in wind speed measurement for a specific type and model of anemometer exposed to a certain class of environmental conditions can be assessed;
b) the procedure and requirements for classifying cup and sonic anemometers as, for example, part of the type testing of a specific anemometer model and type;
c) the procedures and requirements for wind tunnel calibration of anemometers;
d) an additional or alternative method of checking the consistency of the calibration of an anemometer in the field by carrying out an in-situ comparison with another anemometer;
e) the requirements for the mounting of anemometers and other instruments on meteorological masts;
f) the assessment of wind speed measurement uncertainty;
g) reporting requirements.

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