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This document specifies the requirements for the selection of coating materials, surface preparation, application procedures and inspection for protective coatings to be applied during the construction and installation of offshore and coastal facilities and gives guidelines with respect to later maintenance work.The objective of this document is to obtain coating systems that: meets the high durability range as defined in NS-EN ISO 12944-1; provides an optimal protection of the coated object with a minimum need for maintenance;are maintenance friendly;are application friendly;ensure health, safety and environmental impacts are evaluated and documented. This document is not applicable to pipelines and pipeline risers. It is further highlighted that a coating friendly design is a prerequisite for achieving a durable corrosion protection with limited maintenance and repairs. As a minimum the design of structures, equipment and items that shall be coated according to this document shall comply with the recommendation of NS-EN ISO 12944-3. To meet this requirement is outside the scope of a coating applicator since due considerations need to be taken at a much earlier design phase. This is a concern prior to any coating application, but is particularly emphasised for metallic spray applied systems. Due to the limitations related to metallic spray gun angles and distance restrictions, the additional design considerations and recommendations in NS-EN ISO 2063-1 shall be accounted for.

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